Khumār Barabankvi (1919–1999) was an Urdu poet and lyricist from Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh,India. Khumar Barabankvi’s real name was Mohammed Haidar Khan,but he wrote under the takhallus (pen name/ nom de plume) of Khumār, which means intoxication. The word comes from the Arabic root ‘Khum’ which means a jar of wine.

His father Dr. Ghulam Haider, uncle Qaraar Barabnkvi, and brother Kazim Haider were also well known and acclaimed poets.

Khumar Barabankvi had a melodious voice and soon became popular in Mushairas. He also got acquainted with Jigar Muradabadi and remained in association with him for a long period. His ghazals and voice made him favorites in Mushairas and became a shayar of world fame. In 1945 Khumar went to Bombay to attend a mushaira. Film Director A.R. Kardar and music director Naushad were present there. They listened poetry of Khumar and were impressed by his ghazals. Kardar who was making ‘Shahjahan’ with Naushad as music director, offered him to write few songs for his films and he agreed. Songs of ‘Shajahan’ film were written by Majrooh Sutanpuri and Khumar Barabankvi. Songs of both the writers became super hit.

He got his work published as ‘Hadees-e-Deegaraan’, ‘Aatish-e-Tar’ and Raqs-e-Mai’.

One of his best ghazal is Aisa Nahin Ki Unse Mohabbat Nahin Rahi.



The ghazal has been sung by Chaya Ganguli in her soulful voice.

Aisa Nahin Ki Unse Mohabbat Nahin Rahi – Chhaya Ganguli




  • weak, weak parts of body;


  • onset of old age;


  • good news, Invitation to a wedding;


  • shivering;


  • relation, connection; with reference (to), in respect (of)


  • circumambulation of beloved street;